‘The Artwork’

All the artwork featured on this web site and our eBay store ‘Car Portraits and T-Shirts’ http://stores.ebay.com.au/Car-Portraits-and-T-Shirts  is original, hand drawn and painted by artists Grant Booth.

The Subject Matter (vehicle drawings)’

Grant has drawn hundreds of ‘Classic and Popular’ cars over the years and most of the cars are drawn by request, if it’s requested and a popular main stream car, ute, truck etc. then there is every chance that it will be drawn and added to the collection – if you have question regarding the availability of a particular vehicle or want to request artwork please fill in the form below.

‘The Printing Process’

Printing is done as required on quality long wearing garments and we strive to achieve a one day turn around where possible. When an order is received the artwork is done as soon as possible which allows the flexibility of offering a personalised service with individual colour choice and personalised number plate at no extra charge.
Printed transfers are ‘Best Quality’, durable and long lasting.

‘T-Shirts and Hoodies’

Only good quality brand T-Shirts and Hoodies are used in the process.